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The "Catchapoo" Catches Dog Poo Before It Hits the Ground

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  • The Catch-a-Poo is a light weight and portable device to catch dog poo before it hits the ground. The Catch-a-Poo eliminates the need to bend over and pick up Dog Poo off the ground. It also captures 100% of the Poo. You never have to squeeze the Poo like you do when you bend over and pick it up with your hand in a bag. When retracted it is about 19 inches long and when extended it is about 34 inches. The weight is approximately 1 pound with the flashlight attached. It can fit multiple size bags. The bag attaches easily and quickly to the device and it's even easier to take off. In addition, a flashlight is included and attaches to the handle for night time use. Each CatchaPoo comes with a quality 9 LED flashlight and 15 bags. Works on any size dog! Patent Pending 
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